Restaurants & catering

How can I improve my restaurant/catering business?

Hill Wooldridge & Co have a vast range of experience in dealing with the catering industry, in particular restaurants and sandwich bars. Areas where guidance is often needed are as follows:

  • Help and assistance in choosing the correct legal structure for operating the business in the first place.
  • VAT rules relating to standard rated and zero rated supplies within the sandwich bars sectors. This is an area of great uncertainty as to the interpretation of the relevant legislation.
  • How to correctly deal with tips and ex gratia payments left by customers within restaurants and sandwich bars.
  • Help and assistance with maintaining records that meet the requirements to prepare self assessment tax returns for individuals and partnerships, and to prepare accounts for limited companies where the directors are not in breach of their duties (this is particularly important for cash businesses).
  • Help and assistance in dealing with the valuation of goodwill in relation to the businesses gained from a detailed history of transactions in that sector.

Specialist services


We act for a number of charities operating in a variety of sectors from which we have gained a wide range of experience.

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Construction and property developers

Legislation concerning the property and construction sectors are ever changing, Hill Wooldridge can ensure you are in compliance with the latest laws and regulations. 

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Solicitors accounts rules

Hill Wooldridge has been carrying out SRA audit engagements for many years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. The SRA rules are ever changing and we can ensure your legal practice is compliance with the latest laws and regulations. 

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Getting the right advice can be critical

We know accounting like the back of our hands.

This allows us the time and space to get to know our clients and spend time on R&D to give you the advice you need to make your business thrive.